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Neoplatonic Demons and Angels

Neoplatonic Demons and Angels   Editors: Luc Brisson, Seamus O’Neill and Andrei Timotin, 2018   Neoplatonic Demons and Angels is a collection of eleven studies which examine, in chronological order, the place reserved for angels and demons not...


Platonic Pathways

Platonic Pathways Selected Papers from the Fourteenth Annual Conference of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies   Edited by John F Finamore and Danielle A. Layne, 2018   This anthology of 16 essays by scholars...


The Gospel of Thomas and Plato

The Gospel of Thomas and Plato A Study of the Impact of Platonism on the “Fifth Gospel” Ivan Miroshnikov, 2018   In The Gospel of Thomas and Plato, Ivan Miroshnikov contributes to the study of...